Zen Hints

Below are a number of things that people frequently ask or talk about, or things that I’ve had a lot of success with on my journey to achieve better balance in my life.  We are all different, so nothing applies universally, but I have used a science-based approach to these methods.

It’s important to realize that, while I use my experience to decide if these are relevant, the science behind these approaches is not disease-specific.  It is general knowledge that I’ve put together because it works.

Achieving balance is a universal need.  Take the advice from someone who has a horse in the race!

Share it – spread the word if it works for you.  Let your friends benefit from it as well.

Click on the links below to learn about a particular area:

Attitude is Everything!

Compounding Your Bad Attitude

Meditation/Stress Control

Strength/Resistance Training

The “Control Zone” Zen Method


Fred & Fuzzy's - Sister Bay, WI. 2015
Fred & Fuzzy’s – Sister Bay, WI. 2015


Zen And Be Happy