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Thanks for taking the time to stop by my website.  I have put a tremendous amount of time, energy, and knowledge into achieving balance, and I want to share that with you.

arizona marathon 2004Much of what I do is based on the fact that I was diagnosed with a progressive disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), in 2008.  I’ve used it as a tool to motivate me, learn how to achieve balance in my life, be positive, and to teach others.  My story isn’t about MS, but sometimes it takes a major life event to teach us about how we should act and what’s important.  That’s my experience.

Nobody should have to feel completely lost and out of control, no matter what their circumstances.  There are a tremendous number of things in your life that you have partial or complete control of, and when you practice all of those and put some effort into them, they can make you feel physically better than any self-medicating that you might see a lot of other people doing.

Jim Turk, M.S.

I worked in nutrition during my undergraduate studies and have a master’s degree in biotechnology.  I am a former marathoner and am the Biological Safety Officer (high-level research oversight), an NIH mandated position, at a major research university. My neurologist has said that this is what makes me unique – high-level research knowledge but with the patient perspective.

I’m in a much better place than I was before this came about, I’ve figured out how to achieve balance in my life, and not a day goes by without me continuing to work on it.

This site will change your life.  That’s what I’m here to do.

Rather than bore you with details about my life, I’ve put the highlights are in the bullet-pointed list below.

Tooles Gig

    • Lifelong drummer/performer (back in the day) and have been featured (with various bands) on TV, radio, charity events, and award shows: Band Video 1
  • Worked in and studied nutrition while working towards my bachelor’s degree in Natural Science at UW-Madison
  • Was a long distance runner, having completed two marathons (26.2 miles) in my thirties
  • 2007: Received my master’s degree in biotechnology from the University of
    Wisconsin-Madison (Go Badgers!)
  • 2008: Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Fall 2008-Spring 2009: participated in a bizarre research studyme&Sam-LucasOilStadium_12-2014
  • 2009: Accepted a high-level research administration job at a major research university
  • 2009 – present: Have traveled around the state giving talks advocating for research participation (and talking about my participation in a bizarre research study), talking about nutrition, and motivating people
  • 2009 – present: volunteer for and co-chair the annual Walk MS event.  Fund raise and volunteer for other MS Society events in my area
  • May 2010: taught a class: “Clinical Trials 101” at the statewide “MS Summit”
  • 2010 – present: TV, radio, periodical (e.g. Wall Street Journal and BBC) and live event interviews discussing my story
  • May, 2012: Was part of a panel/key note speaker with my neurologist during two MS fundraising events in Madison and Milwaukee, WI
  • January, 2015: was the subject of an MS documentary for an Emmy award winning series called “Bench to Bedside,” produced by The Foundation For Biomedical Research (FBR Media)drumming.1-2015
  • March, 2015: was the subject of a news piece for MS Awareness Week (MS Awareness Week piece)
  • May, 2015: Was the invited speaker and addressed the graduating UW-Madison, Master of Science in Biotechnology class
  • 2014 – present – Have been giving presentations to grade schools and college students about my experiences with MS and MS/nutrition.
  • 2014 – present: continue to work on not going backwards.  I have figured out that there are a lot of reasons I am lucky!
  • 2014 and 2015: helped teach UW-Madison Occupational Therapy students about life with MS

    occupational therapy.2015
    Working with Occupational Therapy students
  • Have attended several meetings and conferences on behalf of the National MS Society Wisconsin Chapter
  • 2015 – present: writer with posts published on many sites

Find your passion

I am big into finding your passion.  I say this not to be all “holier than thou,” but because if you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you feel better and you’ll want to do more of it.  I know this because it’s something that I personally experienced a year after being diagnosed with MS.  I was down-in-the-dumps and suddenly put in charge of a department that was in a tailspin.  We’re talking bad – and international attention.  At first this seemed like it would just be stress, but it turned out to be a strength and passion of mine.  To put a group together with great chemistry, great skills, great knowledge, and make the department better, made me feel better mentally and physically.

I’ve since discovered a number of other things that I’m passionate about and get the same results.  Being hyper-focused and energized by something puts you in a better state.  A more zen state.  I want to do that for you.  By sharing my knowledge, what’s worked for me and what hasn’t, and maybe helping to give you an idea about how to approach your situation, you can be in a better place, mentally and physically.

This is my passion.  We can work together and share ideas and have the tools that will last a lifetime, or we can just sit and not live up to your real potential.  I’ll take the former.

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